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Antique Style Flint Striker Style Custom Forged Primitive Knife Utensil Set - Early Home Decor

Antique Style Flint Striker Style Custom Forged Primitive Knife Utensil Set

$ 30.00

10 1/4" Long x 2 5/8" Wide
Knife 6" L 1 7/8" Wide
fork 6 3/4" Long
Spoon 7 1/2"

Nice hand made flint striker style knife. As you can see the talented craftsman curled the handle into the shape of an antique flint striker.

Certain to be a valued knife for use or display.

To use as a flint striker, some may need to be treated again. Heat it with a torch until red hot for 5 minutes then mix in cold water. (the idea is to cool it off fast as possible) One customer said he used antifreeze instead of cold water after heating, was very pleased after treating it.... I have gotten some to spark fairly well, but rather stick to the modern technology....  

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