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Early Home Decor

Megan Ann 1770 Antique Embroidery Needlepoint Sampler Framed PRINT

Megan Ann 1770 Antique Embroidery Needlepoint Sampler Framed PRINT

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The printed image is framed behind glass in an 11-3/4" x 12-3/4" Black and Gold Bead Frame.

– Black frame with gold bead trim: 11-3/4" x 12-3/4"
– Sampler printed on archival paper.
– Behind glass to preserve the image
– Back is finished with craft paper and a sawtooth hanger.

Our reproduction Megan Ann PRINTED sampler is so realistic, it's tough to believe it's actually printed! This lovely embroidery showcases scenes of Colonial home life and family, decorated with pretty blue, yellow, and pink flowers.

The sampler features the words: "Megan Ann is my name & with my needle I wrought. Born 1770." Megan Ann also practiced her needlepoint alphabet, just like a young girl learning to sew and read, and she missed a couple of letters along the way.

These samplers are printed on special paper that lasts a long time and come in two different sizes. They're framed behind glass in your choice of a cool distressed brown frame or a fancy black and gold bead frame. Plus, the back is all nicely done with craft paper and a hanger, making it easy to hang up wherever you like!

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