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23" Stained Glass Window Hanging Panel Suncatcher With Glass Beads

23" Stained Glass Window Hanging Panel Suncatcher With Glass Beads

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23" High x 15" Wide
 33" max hanging height with chain
A mesmerizing reproduction stained glass window panel meticulously handcrafted from pieces of hand cut stained art glass. Each individual piece of stained glass is meticulously lined with fine copper foil and skillfully soldered together at elevated temperatures.

These captivating Tiffany-style stained glass suncatchers are crafted using the exact technique pioneered by the renowned artist Louis Comfort Tiffany in the early 1900s. Every hand-cut piece of stained art glass is lovingly wrapped in delicate copper foil, and then, with extraordinary precision, soldered together at extremely high temperatures. The result is a collection of unique and stunning suncatchers that pay homage to the time-honored artistry of Tiffany's original creations.

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