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Antique Vintage Style 24" Stained Glass Window Hanging Panel Suncatcher

Antique Vintage Style 24" Stained Glass Window Hanging Panel Suncatcher

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Specifications for the reproduction Stained Glass Panel:

Net Weight: The hanging glass panel weighs approximately 3.3 lbs.
Overall Dimensions: The panel has an overall length of 24", width of 24", and height of 12.5".
Shade Dimensions: The shade portion of the panel has a height of 12.5" and a width of 24". It is semi-circle in shape and made of Tiffany-Glass.
Pane Shape: The glass panels in the hanging glass panel are semi-circle in shape.
Panel Chain Length: The panel is supported by a chain with a length of 27.5".
Glass Thickness: The glass used in the panel has a thickness of 0.2".
Glass Type: The panel uses Tiffany-Glass for its stained glass material.
Finish: The panel has a Multi-Colored finish, featuring a variety of colors in the stained glass.
Light Direction: The provided information does not specify a particular light direction for this hanging glass panel.
Max Hanging Distance: The recommended maximum hanging distance for the panel is 24".
Est. Glass Cuts: The panel is estimated to have 216 individual glass cuts.
Est. Glass Beads: The panel is estimated to have 4 glass beads incorporated into its design.
Overall Materials: The hanging glass panel is primarily made of stained glass and metal.

This stained glass window panel showcases an exquisite design in a semi-circle shape. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the panel consists of more than 215 handcut pieces of stained art glass and incorporates 4 glass beads. Each piece is carefully wrapped in fine copper foil and skillfully soldered together at high temperatures, resulting in the creation of distinctive shades. The panel is meticulously handcrafted using a traditional technique pioneered by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the early 1900s. With its vibrant colors, the unique nature of each piece is guaranteed to captivate anyone who beholds it. This panel is designed specifically for horizontal hanging, adding a touch of elegance to any space.

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