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Set of 3 Antique Style Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener

Set of 3 Antique Style Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener

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 Wonderful reproduction set of 3 wine bottle corkscrews. All Incredibly easy to use, it's also fun to watch in action.

For the rack and pinion opener simply extend the side handle fully to maximize the corkscrew's length. Gently rotate the handle to initiate the corkscrew into the cork. Next, lower the device over the bottle, and with the frame's rim providing leverage, start turning the side handle to effortlessly lift the cork from the bottle. Such a neat item! 

**The key is to ensure that you begin with the tool at its full length, allowing ample room to effortlessly extract the cork. No need for any excessive force. If it halts before the cork is adequately removed, it's likely due to not extending the worm fully to begin with.**

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